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Posting this via email to my blog. LiveJournal has apparently gone down, so no direct posting through their web interface. However, I have access through email: so I can try and see if this will go through and, in time, if my message appears on the blog (if and when the blog comes back).
So if this works, we shall see what comes of it. If it doesn't work ... worse news for LJ than I thought.
So, then, what to blog about?
I had a fun and interesting day today. I would like to head off into town tomorrow and enjoy looking in the Museum as a museum-goer, possibly checking out the exhibits there.
I also need to dig up what history they have of the likes of Brymbo Man and the Mold Cape, to enhance my spiel when it comes to guiding the public around the exhibits.
If you show sufficient diligence and look around, the things that you can learn, if you put your mind to it ....

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