Crossposting - Something For US and UK Readers Alike ...

Okay, Usarians, a roundup of today's major news item which has got us folks in the UK raging:-

News of The World hacked a murder victim's phone

- in short, as a result of independent research into generalised illegal cellphone hacking by Rupert Murdoch's News of The World Sunday rag, the Guardian newspaper revealed how those same sordid journos hacked into the cellphone of a murdered schoolgirl, Milly Dowler, back in 2002 - and deleted what could have been evidence, with the result that her killer Levi Bellfield may have remained at large for many more years to come, thanks to the News of the World journalists acting as Bellfield's accomplices and perverting the course of justice.

Murdoch's pet Sunday paper loses sponsors amid phone hacking claims

And today, amid calls for an urgent inquiry and a petition to block Rupert Murdoch taking over majority ownership of BSkyB, news that the sponsors whose adverts fund the rag have started pulling out.

A blog post for Channel Four News

Basically, this whole situation has sickened and outraged a vast chunk of the British public - and the author of the above post wonders where it will all end. Seeing as the police have extended their inquiries now to the parents of the murdered Soham girls Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, even as the Sun and Daily Mirror went to a public inquiry about their slipshod mishandling of yet another murder case - Jo Yeates over the Christmas break last year - we can only speculate that things may well end badly for the pisspoor, cynical arsekissers in Fleet Street ... and for their owners.

And now, Brits, for the news from the US which has got our star-spangled friends up in arms ...

The Casey Anthony Case

Apparently, over in the US, someone called Casey Anthony got nicked and tried for murdering a girl called Caylee. Basically, think of this as an American Baby P case. Remember that?

Well, this case went a little differently.

Despite what looked like an overwhelming case against her, the accused ... got found not guilty. So she walks. She could run around singing songs about how she killed the kid, now - the courts could not touch her no matter how much they want to.

So, peoples, two cases on either side of the pond. Both of them pretty emotive and horrifying seeing as they deal with the deaths of children. Both of them provoking the strongest outrage, on either side of the Wet Divide.

Anyone care to swap? No. Didn't think so.

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