So, Today, in bullet points

- Went to the Museum.
- Took notes on exhibits in Gallery 2 and 3.
- Amused by new volunteer gallery enabler who'd just started off on her first solo day.
- Gently rebuffed one racist moron who kept saying "Welsh, huh! All double Dutch to me!" by replying "Well, you know that learning two languages has been known to stave off dementia in later life ...:" said racist being in his seventies.
- Amused by postcards depicting Welsh life. Part of the appeal of Welsh culture to the Saesneg is what they call "The Appeal Of The Other."
Hear hear.
- Bought food with a fiver.
- Went to the bus station and found that someone had dropped a fiver.
- Now back home, waiting for season premiere of CSI Miami.

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