These aren't the druids you are looking for ...

You'll have to excuse me, but every time I hear about druids in a fantasy RPG, I just crease up with laughter.

I'm from bloody Wales. I really wish druids were capable of a tenth of what gamers think they can do, because believe me there'd be queues from here to Holyhead waiting to join them. But for the most part they just dress like ageing hippies in bathrobes, play some mean harp, have young girls dance barefoot in front of them once a year and have a keen sense for where the best real ale is being served nearby. Plus they never ever seem to get speeding tickets ... not surprising since most of them have side jobs as magistrates or senior police officers ...

Oh, and they speak Welsh with an unmatched fluency and euphonic musicality. Good luck looking for authenticity in your druidry, guys ...

[Reprinted from the Mongoose forum]

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