Samhain and A Creative Weekend

A new post to come here in the morning, once I have had a good night's sleep. Still buzzing over the weekend's unbridled creativity - creating a sestina poem, reciting "Gnothi Seauton" and putting my poem up on the Soundcloud, and possibly having my song sung at a Twelfth Night festival early next year.

I have got plenty to talk about the Wrexham Artists' Network, as well, and the email I sent to its organiser here in town. I hope to hear from that organiser soonish - I enclosed an MP3 of my singing "Gnothi Seauton" in that email.

As I said, a more detailed report to follow in the morning.

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"And if we have unearned luck, now to scape the serpent's tongue, we will make amends ere long. Else the Puck a liar call ..."

So speak.