The Serpent And The Pig

To the unthinking brute who drove past me at the bus stop in Hightown, Wrexham this afternoon, leaned out the passenger window and without provocation cracked a vile joke about willies to a man who was minding his business and doing you no harm, I offer you this insight into human nature.

Crude men like you, who make denigrating remarks loudly and then drive away laughing like a donkey, are considered unthinking brutes by society. In a just world, thugs like you can never rise above where you are - and as you had what looked like a Council worker's tabard on I can't assume that's very high.

Sometimes, you hear of an uncouth brute who does rise above himself, and even goes on to lead a nation of people. We know some very famous brutes who rose to power. Nero. Caligula. Vlad the Impaler. Stalin. Pol Pot. Hitler.

The one problem with this, you see, is that history does not think kindly of these brutes. What makes you think that you are better than those monsters, or even their equal, just because you are, at present, a nobody and therefore no danger to anyone but yourself?

Next time the Council start giving out diversity and tolerance training to its employees, don't listen to your runaway mouth. Engage your brain instead. Take the training. Or you'll never be a man - at least, not a man history will remember with pride.

If it remembers you at all. Which I sincerely hope it won't.


Alex Greene.

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  1. I sent a copy of this as a letter to the editor of two local newspapers.

    If the man is remembered at all, it'll be as "The Man Who Talks About Willies To Other Men," which ought to please him no end. Because how can he ever correct people to say what he did say?


"And if we have unearned luck, now to scape the serpent's tongue, we will make amends ere long. Else the Puck a liar call ..."

So speak.