A comment on guns to a gun addict

Look at all of those ordinary things in your life. Ask yourself "Do I need a gun to do this task?"

Shopping: "Do I need a gun to buy food? No, I need money."

Work: "Do I need a gun to work in an office processing forms? No, I need a pen and a computer."

Looking after kids: "Do I need a gun to play with my kids? No, I need toys and games, maybe books."

Reading: "Do I need a gun to read this book? No, I need time to myself and a backlight to illuminate the page."

Driving to/ from work: "Do I need a gun to commute? No, I just need a car, the right papers, and gasoline."

Going to church: "Do I need a gun to worship God? No, just love in my heart and a calling to help my fellow man."

What do you need a gun for, unless you are planning to commit a crime, or serve your country in defence of its enemies? Both crime and defence are not ordinary things. They are extraordinary. Extraordinarily bad, in the case of crime; extraordinarily good, in the case of defence.

But even they don't need to carry a gun around with them everywhere, because they also do the same ordinary things that you do. Read books. Play with their kids. Go shopping. Commute to and from work. Do the paperwork. All the ordinary things you do; and even back home, they do not generally sleep with a gun in their hand, shave with a gun in their hand, play golf with a gun in their hand, masturbate and sing and dance and have sex and get drunk in bars and go to weddings and birthday parties and visit loved ones in hospital and mourn and go to their funerals with a gun in their hand.

And if the toughest, strongest, most proficient fighters in the world can defend their nation, its laws, its people's rights, without needing a gun to enforce democracy ... that makes all your petty little gun addict excuses seem pretty fucking weak sauce, doesn't it?

It's the truth. What are you going to do about it? Shoot your computer screen?

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