Chaos Magic Extreme Unction

Chaos Magic: Extreme Unction

Be not afraid. The Great Transfiguration is beginning.

The terrifying visions before you are illusions. Dreams. Laugh at them. Dismiss them. They cannot touch you now. Go beyond.

Your soul seeks to return to the nameless source of existence. It may appear to you as a blinding light, or a great darkness, or as something else.

You must choose to unite with it, or to remain separate from it. If you choose separation, you must begin a new life. May you find love, vitality and intelligence there. Be strong and free.

Do what thou wilt.

That is all.

Unctio Extrema

Non timere,
Magna transfiguratio incipit.

Terribilis visiones ante vos
Somnia sunt.
Irridebit eos. Dimittere eos.
Nunc non tangere.

Anima vult ad
Innominatam principium esse.
Hinc videri
Potest caeco lumen,
Tenebrae magna,
Vel aliquid aliud.

Debetis velle coniungi
Cum quod principium,
aut separata remanere.
A quo si volueris remanere,
Est novam vitam inchoare.
Ut tibi amor,
Vitale et intelligentia.
Esse fortis et liberum.

Quod vis. Quod est.

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