Philosophical Question: Reaching For The Future

It could be argued that in order for a civilisation to be improving, evolving and attaining its ideal - its apotheosis - each succeeding generation must know more, have access to more information than, its predecessors. Any given generation must strive to greater accomplishments than those who came before, while honouring its ancestors' creations and achievements.

A television programme, Babylon 5, had this to say:-

"[W]hen you stumble a lot, you .. you start looking at your feet. We have to make people .. lift their eyes back to the horizon and see the line of ancestors behind us saying, 'Make my life have meaning.' And to our inheritors before us saying, 'Create the world we will live in.' I mean, we're not just holding jobs and having dinner. We are in the process of building the future ... Only by making people understand that can we hope to create a better world for ourselves and our posterity."

Consider the concerns of the present day. Which concerns, do you believe, will matter to those yet to come? Which of our concerns today will be considered irrelevant to them?

And what kind of a future do you wish to create for the inheritors of today?

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