Stats and Ratings

No philosophical post for Wednesday - I got caught up with this blog post here.

I would, however, like to share some information with you.

Tonight, the blog's current rating for this month so far stands at 311 hits. The second highest month figure since this blog began. The highest figure was 396 hits, for the month of June 2012. Just last month.

Since June of 2010, To Scape The Serpent's Tongue has been getting an increasing frequency of hits, a slow and steady climb. The Chester SF & Fantasy Readers Club blog has likewise been holding steady as well, having tonight received its second highest monthly rating so far - 180 hits, to the record-breaking 194 of July 2010.

Thank you. All of you. Now I could do with some more feedback from you and I will feel complete ...

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"And if we have unearned luck, now to scape the serpent's tongue, we will make amends ere long. Else the Puck a liar call ..."

So speak.