Absence Today

Apologies for my absence today. I just came in from watching The Dark Knight Rises.

No, I won't divulge spoilers. Either you haven't seen it yourself and, like me, you've kept yourself from seeing the spoilers: or you've been resourceful, cunning, conniving little bleeders and dug up every blessed piece of verifiable information possible on the film, including probably tickets to advance screenings - so you'd know the film inside and out.

If you are part of that set ... there's a reason why you're on my f'list. :)

So, no spoilers. The movie will, however, spur some more questions and, possibly, non-philosophy related posts. After all, this is a blog about anything and everything in my life.

Except, of course, the dealings of the Chester Science Fiction & Fantasy Readers Club blog.

And my experiments in erotic hypnosis.

So, did anybody go and watch that movie?

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