In a previous post, I shamelessly crosslinked to Hypnotic Erotic under the pretext of asking a moral question on the ethics of seduction. Today, I thought I'd share some of the posts from my Science Fiction and Fantasy club blog instead.

These articles are posted in advance of a club meeting, and attempt to whet the appetite by looking at some aspects of the topic being discussed in order to promote inspiration in the choices available for review. Since these are links to articles on dead topics, I thought it interesting to bring them up here as back number articles for review here.

The first batch of articles here are a look at the field of magic and sorcery in science fiction and fantasy, ahead of the meeting on August 11. At the time of posting, there is very little time left for anybody to actually read something new - so I might as well call this topic closed.

The blog also housed articles and, occasionally, reviews, of other months' topics -

These articles are all my own work; all of them written in advance of the club meetings they were designed for. But not everybody ever got to read them. And so I thought I'd share the links here, so you can get to enjoy articles which have never appeared here.

I hope you like them, as much as you might like the posts I have written here.

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