"Pronto?" - A poem

by Alex Greene


When I pick up the phone
I always say “Pronto?”
No idea why.
I just love the sound.
I'm not remotely Italian, but
The pleasure of opening a
Telephone conversation with
Just can't be beaten.

I love speaking Italian to
My girlfriend. There's a clear
and elegant flow and
Fluency when “Mia cara”
And “Ti amo” and
“Sono pazzo di te”
Slide off the tongue
Unbidden to a man with
No formal training or
Even much practical experience.

Quando parlo, e il
Le parole versate fuori di me
Come un diluvio emergente
Dalla diga rotta
Dietro la mia bocca
Mi sento come un salmone
Immerso nelle parole
Spostamento con il flusso
Tornare a casa a dove
La mia anima si fa avanti
Per generare idee e di
Dare vita a possibilità.

When I speak, and the
Words pour out of me,
Like a flood emerging
From the broken dam
Behind my mouth,
I feel like a salmon,
Immersed in the words,
Moving with the flow,
Going home to where
My soul comes forth,
To spawn ideas and to
Give birth to possibilities.


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