Within The Last Twenty Minutes by Alex Greene

Within The Last Twenty Minutes
by Alex Greene

Currently playing as
I walk through
The door of my home -
Yellow Magic Orchestra
"Behind The Mask"

Blinds drawn
doors locked
Clothes just fly off as
I assume my natural attire

Clothes in public are
My shell; my cover
Disguising my self
My mind
(My being)
From the
Scrutiny of those who
Are unworthy to understand

Barefoot, the carpet feels
Warm, soft, firm beneath
My feet. The only place where
I can let my soles
(My soul)
Be tender
In a world which rewards
Tenderness with pain
Fear anger hurt hurt hurt

No flailing fists here
Just a thrashing body
Wild, open, empty space
Filled with motion
My feet and body guide
My mind, for a change
(All change)
Air caressing me as
I hear the rain outside

My feet lead me through the door
Outside, to let the rain
(no reins)
Rain on my head
Rain on my body
Rain on my arms
Rain on cold floor bare feet
Upturned palms
Cold spiky delicious tingly
Wind chill breeze caress my skin
Shivers ecstatic as I dance
And let the rain
Carry me away

Standing still in the cold
Currents as spots become a
Chill body
Chill to the bone
But my heart still warm
And my face turned to
The heavens
Longing for Apotheosis
I smile
And touch it


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