Out Of Left Field Gaming Thoughts

The things I come up with when I dream ...


- Way stations between the stars. 250 million ton stationary outposts carved out of planetoids, tended by tankers displacing 2 million tons, which scoop fuel from gas giants in the nearest system. The way stations are usually surrounded by fleets of sublight craft, including protective squadrons of system defence boats and monitors. The tankers themselves are mostly fuel storage - half of their two million ton mass is fuel containment, with 200,000 tons of cargo storage, mostly bulk freight and mail.

- 20 ton passenger modules for cargo bays. Any large enough ship can set aside cargo space for these sealed modules. 3 staterooms, 3 tons of life support capable of supporting extended travel times up to six months, and five tons of cargo. Capacity, six people in double occupancy, paying middle passage. Usually, two tons of the cargo capacity is set aside for luxuries, so the passengers don't get bored. Passengers could, of course, get out and stretch their legs and see the rest of the ship, but these modules are designed so that passengers don't have to.

More specialised kinds of cargo module:-
...  Cold Sleep Module: used for colony transports, medical rescue and penal transports, these modules hold 30 cold sleep modules, life support to keep them running up to six months at a time, and monitoring equipment. No cargo space.

... Lab Module: instead of staterooms, each module houses three laboratories, which can be customised for various purposes.

... Medical Module: Two 4-ton sickbays, one intensive care sickbay module, eight cold sleep berths and internal life support. The rest of the space is medical supplies.


- The characters earn the respect of a sorcerer who enchants special armour for them all.

The armour is Enamelled (4AP, 2 ENC per hit location, +10% to Influence tests, but also +10% for onlookers to spot the characters (adds to their Perception rolls to defeat any Stealth rolls the characters make).

And now here's the fun part.

... The armour pieces are each enchanted to provide a total of 8 AP of protection, 4 of which are magical. That's more protection than plate or Brigandine armour.

... Each suit is built specifically for its wearer; a process requiring many fittings during downtime.

... They have been enchanted with the following:- Abjure Fatigue, Damage Enhancement (unarmed attacks), Damage Resistance (8 points), Enhance Str +4, Enhance End +4, Enhance Dex +4, Enhance Cha +4, Haste.

... Each of the sorcery matrices carries the following conditions:- continuous, only for designated wearer, only when whole suit worn.

... The sorcerer gets the requisite Magic Points from the adventurers, using a combination of various Tap spells (Tap Str, Tap End, Tap Pow) and Restoration. The sorcerer has a continuous Enhance POW matrix to double his already prodigious POW rating, enabling him to store massive amounts of Magic Points to dedicate as part of the enchantments.

As I said, I have weird dreams.

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