Page Views Record BROKEN!

Back in October 2012, Hypnotic Erotic had the record for page views in a given month, at 718.

It felt really great to have so many people interested in my blog, but I wondered why this blog wasn't getting so many page views.

Well, thanks to frequent posting of various blog entries here and there, such as Facebook, tumblr and Twitter, it would seem that this blog has now surged just as radically as Hypnotic Erotic.

This is what the monthly page views graph for this blog looked like today.

In contrast, this is what Hypnotic Erotic's page views look like today: something I am just as proud of, because at this moment, that blog is just shy of matching its own record.


Now performance like that looks good, but the secret will always have to be to maintain that level of performance. Tough row to hoe. I'll see what I can do.

On both blogs.

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