2012 DA14 Flyby - 2013 02 15

Yup, asteroid 2012 DA14 is getting very close to the Earth today. The close flyby takes place tomorrow. NASA have released a video explaining a little more.

Play this, think about it, and experience a little chill. Maybe sweat a little bit. Cosmically, this is the equivalent of a bullet just missing your face by a millimetre.

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  1. It is realy a close encounter!! At the speed of 13km/sec, it should be roughly (6*60*60*13=2,80,800km) roughly distance of moon!! I hope the velocity is the relative velocity of it w.r.t earth. With the enormous gravity of earth, the object may change its course considerably and we should also take into account the gravity of moon. Let us hope it does not become a sattelite of earth, in which case its collision with earth may be inevitable.!! Let us pray god!!


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