Grimoire Names for Mongoose Legend

Sorcery is a magic system in the Mongoose Legend fantasy roleplaying game. Sorcerers exercise their will to alter the universe around them, and they can generate some powerful effects.

Sorcery relies on two skills - Sorcery (Grimoire) and Manipulation. Every sorcerer has to know both skills, and a sorcerer only needs to know one instance of Manipulation skill; but every instance of Sorcery (Grimoire) is different, since there are multiple Grimoires available.

However Legend does not list any specific Grimoires in the Core Rulebook - only the individual spells. In the absence of a canon list of Grimoires, here is a list of tomes, codices and Grimoires to whet your appetites.

The Book of Night and Claws - a Grimoire themed around felines. Dominate (felines), Shapechange (Human) to (Feline), perhaps Project (night vision), might be found within - but it can only be read by moonlight; the pages remain stubbornly blank if read by normal light of any other kind.

The Sanguine Tome - contains dangerous, volatile versions of sorcery spells fuelled by blood magic but immensely powerful.

The Shadowed Art - a book filled with steamy illustrations showing men and women in various athletic poses; apart from it being one of those sorts of books, it contains a bunch of sorcery spells themed around the social graces.

Codex Aes - a book with a fiery theme; fire spells, metal and smithing spells, and spells concerning mechanisms of clockwork. There is a structure to this Grimoire, leading the reader from one thing to another, to another, tempting the reader to follow the instructions all the way through and put everything together so as to build something ...

The Mystery - an enigmatic book, nobody knows what spells it contains because nobody who has ever peered at its contents has ever returned to speak of it. Nobody even knows what the book looks like - only that it exists, and that it can be found within the Temple of the Mystery "over that hill and far away somewhere ..."

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