The Blood Path - Expanding The Map

Sooner or later, you will get a hold of The Blood Path, with its map of the Greentown region. And some day, you might want to run an adventure which takes the characters past the edge of the map into the unknown regions which lie beyond.

Are there islands in the ocean past what little you see here (Answer: yes, there are - even perhaps a little archipelago, just to the East)? How many days' march is Tollin, to the south, and are there villages and towns between Tollin and Greentown (Answer: plenty, with hostels and auberges for travellers and plenty of spots for ambushes from brigands)?

 And what about the other roads out of the picture, to East, West and North? Where do they go? To other ports like Regio, and Esplanade? Is there trade between these towns?

Is this part of one big kingdom, or are there other kingdoms (Answer: oh, yes)?

Apart from Greentown itself, the exploration of which as a sandbox is part of what I am planning for The Indigo Scarf adventure, the next most important thing will be to provide some sort of maps for regions past the edges of the map. The good news is, I've already got some ideas for what lies beyond the map, so I've a feeling that supplemental maps may, one day,  make their appearance in some form or another.

You'll have to wait until The House On Five Roads Corner and The Indigo Scarf come out, though, before any further thoughts on this will be considered.

Meanwhile, enjoy the above map, and keep your fingers crossed for The Blood Path appearing on the market sooner rather than later. Once it's been polished and the rough edges filed off. Don't want to give you a shoddy product, do we?

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