A Musical Interlude

Following on from the recent tribulations to hit access to the sound files on Hypnotic Erotic, I thought I'd post a few of the Incompetech tracks that I enjoy, whose moods more suit the themes of this blog.

Of course, some of them also match the themes and moods of Perchance To Dream, as well - which is why I'll cross post this to that other blog.

Right-click on any track to download it.

Intended Force - evocative of Sherlock Holmes but predating the chase theme of Steven Moffat's "Sherlock"



The Pyre

Virtutes Instrumental

The Other Side Of The Door

Not As It Seems

Please try and see if the links work. If they fail to download, let me know in the comments. Kevin McLeod is a gifted composer and musician, and basically he ought to be writing movie and TV show scores. His compositions match a lot of the moods I try and evoke in my blogs, and it's always enjoyable listening to them.

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