So earlier today, I popped up to my folks' place, in a part of town that is elevated, and above the snow line, just. I mean, I may have had it bad back at my place, but my folks were snowlocked when the late March snow came down on them a week or so ago.

To nobody's surprise, they still had a thick layer of snow lying about in the front and back yards, long after everybody else's gardens had cleared and the daisies started to come out. Rather like the Oscar Wilde story of The Selfish Giant, whose garden remained in Winter long after everybody else's gardens had gone to Spring and Summer.

I had an idea, a way of getting this stuff cleared. I thought that maybe Dad could go down to the store and buy up some big sacks, like wheelie bin liner sacks - you know, the big ones - and stuff them with snow, pile them up in the front yard and stick a sign out the front. I drew it for him on a piece of cardboard. It read:-


£1 A Sack

Dad inevitably asked what would happen if all the snow melted. I made one small adjustment to the sign ...:-


£1 A Sack

Now that is entrepreneurship. :)

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