Incident Report

Right. This is a solid, reliable report from me.

The folks are in the other room right now. I'm here watching the TV, on mute. Between the living room and the TV room is a darkened, empty dining room. Both the folks are singing in the living room - they have just been to a concert - and neither of them left the living room throughout this incident.

In this darkened dining room between our rooms, there is a wine stand on the sideboard. One of those tacky mechanical ones with a windup alarm that plays a music box tune if the wine bottle is disturbed. It is not a particularly sensitive alarm, and it runs off a cheap clockwork mechanism that needs winding up with a key.

I cannot explain how, with nobody in the room, that wine stand spontaneously began pinging out its tune with nobody and nothing actually touching the damned thing. I was looking into the room at the time. There was nobody there, and Mum and Dad were singing in the living room - so they were nowhere near the dining room.

Most of all, nobody had thought to wind up the mechanism.

This is inexplicable. And it isn't the first time this has happened. It happens spontaneously every now and then. Usually, it's only me and Mum who are witnesses.

The folks' place could be haunted, people. Just thought I'd let you all know, just in case it happens while you're visiting the folks and the spontaneous pinging suddenly freaks you all out.

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