Getting Published Again

Some time ago, I submitted an article to Mongoose for publication in their magazine Signs & Portents. The article, titled Tales of The Black Freighter, was originally intended as a reboot of the Traveller TOS short adventure Annic Nova, where an alien derelict ship poses a mystery to space adventurers.

Anyway, things went south for Signs & Portents. Last year, the final issue of Signs & Portents rolled out, and basically the adventure never made it into print - Mongoose went with a reboot of Annic Nova, virtually verbatim from Marc W Miller's original adventure.

So today, I've submitted The Tale of The Black Freighter, with a slight change of title and a few typos corrected, to Freelance Traveller instead.

I already have one article in the editor's hands, awaiting release as a possible free Special Supplement when he comes up with his special Psionics issue. I figured that I might as well enjoy sending him further articles for his magazine.

I might not make any money out of this - but if it means me getting published again, even in a free mag, I have to go for it. As long as my list of credits starts getting longer.

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