XKCD 1190: "Time," Part 36

The XKCD for Monday 2013 03 25, post 1190, "Time,", has been going on since March bloody forever.

Since it first loaded, a new frame has regularly popped up, telling a very long story.

Now read on. And have a handkerchief handy.

This really is The End of Time, by all appearances.

I suspect many people will require counselling, once the import of the final frame sinks in.

The weeping OTTers sang a mournful song,
As lo!, The tale of Time did end ere long.
And crushing what he'd chanced to shape in play,
The Great Lord Randall blew his world away.

Well, that's it for the updates, folks. It's been a long and eventful four months, but the story is now over. If you go to XKCD 1190, you'll see only the raft on the shore, bobbing up and down over and over, the last four frames repeating on the hour, every hour, forever. Megan and Cueball are not, it would seem, coming back.

I'll have to think about something else to put on this page, won't I? :)

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