Short Stories

I'm writing the first of a series of short stories spinning off from The Silver Touch, The Gilded Saidara and The Shadowed Art.

The background is that I have become involved with a fantasy writers' club in Chester, and I have a set exercise each month to follow. This month's theme is "Shapeshifters."

I swore that I would write not one, but three, fantasy stories around that theme. One would be a sequel to last month's short story entry "Nobody's Perfect," featuring Inkblot from that story; another, an original fantasy not connected to any setting; and then, there is "Increments," this story - tied intimately to the setting of The Silver Touch, and featuring settings, backdrops, characters and props from that novel.

In a way, "Increments" could easily be your gateway into this world. But it won't be the only gateway.

As long as there are assignments for this club, there might well be a steady stream of short stories like these. And I can happily turn them all into an anthology, or tack them to the end of a novel-length story. I might even consider writing a novel and adding at least one short story to the end, as a sort of "appendix."

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