2013 12 01

Yesterday, the last day of November 2013, was a fantastic day.

But not for me. For the hundred thousand people who finally signed the WOW petition, which means that it will have to be debated in Parliament.

The War On Welfare e-petition has been going on for months, and I've been promoting it much of that time. Watching it reach the magic 100k felt like watching a piece of history.

Yesterday was also the final day of NaNoWriMo 2013 - a contest I did not complete. It could not have been done, what with my gall bladder surgery knocking my creativity for six and all. Still, let's hope for next year now.

Though I'm not going to sit and wait for next year - I'm determined to write The Empty Shadow now, and make a solid go out of it so I can get it finished before Camp NaNoWriMo next year. It'll give me the opportunity to exercise my creativity to bring it back up to speed, and it'll give me something to do during Christmas and the New Year when I'll be sat on my own for what could be hours at a time.

I have no plans for the evenings of Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or New Year's Eve. I never make plans for those evenings. Ever. My folks might go out for the night; my sisters might have some do to attend, with their partners - but I have nobody on this side of the pond, not even to keep me company on those nights. So there will be writing, because I really won't have anything else to do.

And so we reach the final month of 2013. Happy World AIDS Day, folks.

Writing on The Empty Shadow resumes on Monday. Also resuming on Monday - my life. No heave lifting; but that does not mean that I must be forced to stay in the flat all the time. The Doctor says I should go out and about for a bit, and there'll be a checkup later this month with the surgeon to determine whether I can get a clean bill of health and return to volunteer duties.

Between now and then ... you guessed it. I will be writing. A lot, I hope.


  1. Hi Alex- Forgive this non-sequitur comment, I was searching your blogs for your email address. I am interested in sampling one of your recorded texts in a musical composition. Please email when you get a free moment. - Joe Frawley email: joefrawleymusic@hotmail.com


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