Blogs Update: All Change, Again

I've updated my main three blogs: this one, as you can see; Perchance To Dream; and of course, Hypnotic Erotic.

Last time I made such a change, I chose to attempt to standardise the blogs so they all looked almost the same. This time, I've gone for customising each one so as to give each blog its distinctive character and look.

For this blog, I've decided to remove the background altogether; and I've changed the background and style of Hypnotic Erotic to give it a redder, more passionate theme in accordance with the blog's theme of erotic passion. Similarly, I looked for a background wallpaper that could convey a sense of dreaminess; something that went with the idea of a blog of exploration of the unconscious mind.

So there you have it. Enjoy my three blogs, and please feel free to drop comments on them if you like the new decor.

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