The Way To Pronounce The Welsh "LL"

Welsh is a complicated little language - mostly to pronounce. Its historic origins make it a strange-sounding language to master, with many confusing constructions such as initial mutations (the initial "C" can mutate to "Ngh" under some circumstances, and an initial "P" can mutate to "B" or "Ph").

The hardest letter to pronounce, however, is "Ll," the initial consonant of "Llangollen," "Llanllyfni" and many other place names, along with the surname Llewellyn, among others.

There is an easy way, and the natural Welsh way.

Natural Welsh: Put the tip of your tongue just behind your teeth. Force air out through the sides of your tongue.

Easy Way: Pronounce "ll" as if it were "tlh" from the word triathlon or the Irish place name Athlone.

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