Ultravox - "Vienna" - video

Continuing with the theme of music videos to mark the songs playing in my head at the end of a relationship, or at least on the occasion of parting with the relationship continuing, here's Ultravox's seminal music video "Vienna." This one played as I said goodbye to one woman whom I'd known from attending various conventions in the Eighties, but who left for Italy. This music was playing as we said goodbye for the last time, in that convention in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, in 1986.

Side Note 1: Ye Gods, I'd almost forgotten that convention completely. The one I went to in Leicester, just two weeks afterwards, blew the Geordie convention away - because while Galileo Con '86 in Toonland had been where we fans commemorated the 20th anniversary of Star Trek, Midcon '86 was where the announcement was made that Star Trek was making a return to TV screens, in the form of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Side Note 2: Now how could I have forgotten Galileo '86? That was the place where I picked up the very first issue of The Klingon Dictionary, in its original Little Blue Book version released by Simon & Schuster not the year before.

Regardless ... I present to you, "Vienna" by Ultravox.

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