Ideological War

Haven't blogged here for a while; but in the light of this morning's woeful election result, in which the British public proved that they were selfish and thick as pig shit by voting for the tories in landslide numbers, I thought I'd share this post which I originally put up on my tumblr blog, HExEr.

I think I can see how my friend felt, the night before she got called to the doctor.

She’d been told the risks, she’d gone on the treatment, she’d put all her faith in the cure. The night before, she’d fretted and sweated. And in the morning, the doctor told her something that made her wish she’d stayed in bed.
Not only had the cure not been effective - it looked as if the cure had exacerbated her cancer. Tumours were everywhere, and all the doctor could do now was prescribe palliative care for her.

I’ve been following politics, now, for 36 years, and last night’s election result was like tracking the course of terminal cancer. Tory MPs have not gained seats - they have metastasised.

My friend fought that cancer right up to her dying breath. What’s left of Britain who has not given over to cynicism and selfishness, must now do the same.

We are in a state of war. An ideological war, against a cancerous political ideology. Everyone who voted for the tories in this election is like a cancer cell. They were once healthy, but they gave themselves over to this blue ideological cancer.

We’ve done things in the traditional way, and it has been spectacularly, woefully, grievously ineffective. Selfish people turned out to vote, and unselfish people stayed at home, resulting in a political landscape where blue patches have spread throughout the body of the United Kingdom like a wash of freshly necrotised tissues, a network of mestastatising rotting flesh and blue lesions like gaping wounds.

The cure, Labour, turned out to be worse than the disease.

And so all we've got left is to fight the ideology. Fight the selfishness that sent the tory voters to the polls to vote for more foodbanks, more sanctions, more cruelty, the return of foxhunting, ineffectual badger culls which served no purpose but to provide sport, more zero hours contracts, no more NHS, and fracking everywhere beneath your feet without permission.

We have to tackle the rot at its core. Or otherwise the United Kingdom is going to be a terminal patient, forgoing all treatment, in the corner and in denial, getting drunk and playing Candy Crush until the end comes.

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