I went shopping for ropes in town today. Couldn't find anyone selling actual rope, so I went in looking for someone to sell cords.

The usual guy who sold cords has retired. Apparently he retired last year. The store in the market only sold wool and yarn. Useless to me.

So I have two places to look, and only two. The butchers' market, an old Victorian market under one roof, every kind of stall including haberdashers', and a high street store up the road, the only one selling soft furnishings.

Nothing in charity shops, despite every person in town telling me to go and look there. Nowhere else, just these two venues - and the market closes all day on Wednesdays.

As I told one woman, "This town never ceases to show me new ways of disappointing me."

In the end, I managed to find and buy a four metre length of white jumbo cord. Soft, flexible, reasonably large diameter and while it might not have the tensile strength to keep someone from snapping it it won't chafe against the skin.

It's either that, or the chains and padlocks again.

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