When A Pet Dies ...

I just heard some incredibly sad news today. One of my closer friends, a beautiful woman from Canada, just lost her pet - a cute little chameleon.

Now we live geographically very far apart, in different time zones, and so we've not personally met. I did, however, witness as my friend's chameleon came into her household. A tiny little thing, with a big curled tail like a little coin, her chameleon would express his moods by colour changing - and she got to know those emotions well.

But then I heard today's news that the chameleon had died. Despite my friend's best efforts to save him, the frail little thing gave up the ghost.

Having more or less been there at the start, I have to say that my own sense of mourning and grief is probably very much as great as my friend who held the poor wee little thing in her hands, and who will now have the heartbreaking duty of burying her loved one.

So I lit two candles for the pet, and for his owner because I care about, and look after, my friends and loved ones. One white candle, one black candle. Both kept side by side, the Pillars of the Temple with the Pomegranate Gate between them. I'll keep them burning for the rest of today, until bedtime, and send thoughts of love and light to my friend as the light from the candles illuminates the path to guide the chameleon safely tonight to the Summerlands.

Rest easy, little Artemis. You are missed by more people than you know.

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