Philosophical Question: Why Be Good?

Here, I present the first philosophical question for this blog.

Why do we need to conduct ourselves in a "good" manner?

What criteria define "good" behaviour as compared to "amoral" or "immoral" behaviour? How about behaving towards people we don't know that well? Strangers? Personal enemies? People from groups your society considers "undesirable?"

Do you choose to behave in a "good" manner out of some perceived need to behave in this manner in the eyes of your deity, or do you formulate your own concept of "good" with no recourse to religious stricture or doctrine?

Do you expect a reward for your goodness? What if you knew, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that this good and noble behaviour will never get noticed, acknowledged or rewarded? Would you still behave in a good manner even though you know you will get nothing for it?


  1. I'd like to discuss this one with you but my responses tend to be long winded and pedantic. Do you mind?

  2. Yay :)

    First, definitions.

    Good, right, and moral are subjective, emotional and mythical terms based on personal appetites. Everyone who has an opinion has a moral stance, even the insane. Good is what gets us what we want. Right is whatever keeps it coming. Morality is our total set of rules. Everyone creates their own morality, but most borrow an existing template out of a desire to belong. Plus it's easier.

    What it means to be humane and kind are not givens here because at its heart, morality is politics. Strip away all the silly headgear and it is all the same push for influence and rerouting of resources.

    If there is a great puppet master in the sky it doesn't matter what I do because free will is nonexistent. If there isn't something out there running the show, it still doesn't matter because I'm not a sociopath (or if I am, a very timid one). So I do whatever I feel will helped create the world I want to live in. New ideas are welcome.

    I don't expect any rewards from living my morality, and I sure as hell don't expect people to respect my choices. They barely practice their own bullshit as it is. There will always be some prick who thinks everyone should worship at their altar instead of following our own inner compasses. I appreciate their eagerness to explain their methods, but if they push too hard I'm going to use it against them.

    My sense of justice is heavily influenced by the Church of Satan's Eleven Rules of the Earth, where they talk about not starting anything, but to be fully willing to kick ass if offended -especially if children are being harmed. It's a fine goal.


"And if we have unearned luck, now to scape the serpent's tongue, we will make amends ere long. Else the Puck a liar call ..."

So speak.