Conducting Remote Sessions

I know that this is more the province of Hypnotic Erotic, but I thought I'd talk about it here.

I regularly induce trances with subjects online. Email, internet messenger, even Facebook messaging. The most powerful thing, I believe, is the ability to achieve a trance through text messaging alone. I've used my voice to entrance, but to trance a person with just text alone ... that requires skill.

Fortunately, I do have that skill. And this was confirmed to me this Sunday afternoon, just gone.

It is one thing to have a client who says he or she will trance, and always have a little doubt, a nagging sense that they might be pretending; and someone who will click with you, understand you and willingly slip into trance ... and let you know in advance that they have no intention of pretending. Either she enters a trance, or not.

There is a certain degree of satisfaction in knowing that your skills do, in fact, work.

And then I look at what I have done.

I have induced a hypnotic trance, over instant messenger, by text alone.

That has got to be worth a couple of pages in somebody's book.

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