Old Projects

I've been steadily working toward the conclusion of a handful of my projects; articles for various roleplaying games that I have had on the boil for such a long time.

- Psion project: A project I started for Traveller, after feeling more than a little disappointed by Mongoose Traveller's Book 4: Psion.

- The Blood Path: A fantasy adventure featuring orcs, at least my interpretation of orcs, for Mongoose Legend.

- The House on Five Road Corner, another Mongoose Legend fantasy adventure module.

Once these have been put together and released in the public domain, I will then work on my writing, the materials I want to put together for publication; career, making a living stuff.

 - Paleborn, a trilogy of short fantasy stories loosely based on Mongoose Legend.

- And of course, my original fantasy romance, my Magnum Opus.

Currently working on the psion article, and I've surged forwards with this one. I've been inspired.

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