The Traveller Psion Article

For almost three years, I've had this project on the boil - a look at psionics for the Traveller science fiction roleplaying game. I wanted to give the whole thing about psionics in the game an edge that the sourcebook, Book 4: Psion, could not give.

Right now, I am reworking one of the most difficult sections of the whole book: the section on the Talents themselves. Traveller allows for six Talents: Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Telekinesis, Awareness and finally Teleportation, with "Special" reserved for Abilities that did not fit in with the other five.

At the moment, I have just started the final section detailing the Talent of Telepathy. And I intend to look at psionic combat and the use of the Shield Ability in play, along with the mechanical shield helmets that mundanes frequently wear in the presence of active psions.

This could actually be the best bit - all of the fun Abilities listed before in the book, and there are some, trust me, can be brought to bear against another psion, who cannot simply erect a Shield and block off the other psion's bad mojo because it also blocks off his own mojo. Sometimes, you have to go in and break heads, even at risk of having your own head broken instead.

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