On Government ...

Posted to Facebook earlier ...

"I wish I could apologise on behalf of these mindless spoiled toddlers throwing their toys out of the pram in a fit of pique ...

"... but they are not any kind of government I recognise. I didn't vote for them, and I don't welcome their meddlesome, clumsy, coarse, bovine incompetence in the slightest.

"They are unable to separate the person from the office they occupy, and they have created a system of prestation and favours which has wedged them into their ivory towers beyond any hope of democratic means of removing them, like entrenched cancer cells worming their way into the depths of healthy tissues to evade antibodies."

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"And if we have unearned luck, now to scape the serpent's tongue, we will make amends ere long. Else the Puck a liar call ..."

So speak.