RIP Neil Armstrong

As the world is now aware, Neil Armstrong, the first man to stand on the surface of the Moon, the first man to stand on the surface of another world, has died today.

I'm sharing a link here to the BBC's coverage of the news. It has to be the BBC's news page, since I saw the coverage of the original moon landing, albeit as a child, on the BBC - so I'll leave it to the Beeb to be the ones to make the announcement.

In tribute, I include a link below, to the video of Jean Michel Jarre's "Ron's Piece," aka "Last Rendez-Vous," itself a tribute to the late Challenger shuttle mission commander Ron McNair, and now the unofficial tribute song to everyone whose life furthered the cause of space exploration.

The cause of space exploration is the cause of all humanity on the planet Earth.

Rest easy, Neil.

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