So, it might have come to your notice that I am learning Italian, for my own reasons. Among the resources I bought was a book of Italian verb tables. I discovered, to my chagrin, that a good third of the book was misregistered - a chunk of the book was from another book altogether ( a book of Spanish verbs, to be precise).

I took the thing back earlier today, and just showed the misregistered text to the counter staff chap. He then offered me a gift card for the book's value, which I accepted - and then I headed off to the shelves to look for a possible replacement.

I found one, just sitting there - a book, Easy Learning Complete Italian. Easy Learning Grammar, Verbs and Vocabulary: three books in one. And it cost only £3 more than what I'd paid for the original book with the misregistered text.

To cut a long story short, I went in with one book and came out with three, including a replacement for the original book of verb tables, with not one misplaced Spanish verb table to be seen.

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