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I keep tabs on all of my other blogs, and it seems to me that since I walked away from the Chester Science Fiction club, my SF & Fantasy blog has become somewhat run down in comparison to this blog and Hypnotic Erotic, and even in comparison to my baby dream blog.

So this blog post is just to showcase the best of those other blogs by providing links to the most popular blog entries - by which, I mean either those where I've received comments or those with high page views.

First, I'd like to showcase my Science Fiction & Fantasy blog, formerly the organ of the Chester SF & Fantasy club. I think that my favourite pieces there have got to be Magic and Sorcery: So Just What IS Magic Anyway?, along with its sister piece, Magic and Sorcery: Modern Magic in Fiction and my piece on matter and the Periodic Table, Magical Technologies v2.0: A 92-Note Scale.

Next up is, of course, Hypnotic Erotic, my blog of very adult subject matter - this blog has the most-viewed pieces of any of my blogs, weighing in at more than 400 page views in some cases.

Pieces such as The Gas Fetish - Videos (395 page views), with its list of clips of various people being knocked out by gas; and scripts ranging from Going Underground - Induction Script (at 407 page views, this is the most-watched piece of all my blogs) to Meditation: Calming The Mind and Slow Trancing, to audio tracks of my scripts such as A Trip Through Tropa and Going Underground. There is one piece, however, which is hugely popular, and it links to a Dailymotion video clip showing Erotic Hypnosis Done Right. Two other very popular posts are A Fantasy - The Girl Next Door and Subliminals - A Fantasy.

Lastly, of course, I have my baby blog, Perchance To Dream. This one's only a month or two old, and so there are fewer entries to pick from - yet it is still a very popular blog, racking up more than a thousand page views to date since its launch, and boasting some pieces with impressive page counts for a fresh young blog, such as The Seer Princess, The Garden of Obsidian Statues and The See-Through Invasion (which has 155 page views!).

So those are my three other blogs, each packed with stuff you will generally not find here. Please enjoy them, and if possible follow them and +1 some of your favourites.

Welcome to my blogging life. Too large for just the one blog.

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