The Blood Path - Four Castes of Orc

For some time, I have been writing The Blood Path, an adventure for the fantasy roleplaying game Legend. In The Blood Path, characters now have the option of playing an orc; moreover, one can choose from four different castes of orc -

Urthanc, or common orcs, slightly smaller than human but wiry;
Urkai, or "Gifted Ones," comparable to humans in their characteristics;
Urruk, or "Great Ones," great hulking brutes towering over their Urthanc brethren;
and finally, the elusive, scaly, warm-blooded, amphibious, water-dwelling Marruk, resembling Doctor Who's Sea Devils.

This section has been modified to include special player options which one can choose when designing an orc character, not only for The Blood Path but also for any Legend adventure. This could make The Blood Path an invaluable resource for Legend players wanting to play orcs in a Legend (or any RuneQuest or d100) game.

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