Poetry For the March Viva Voce

Untitled Poem

They interviewed him
He said he was A Great Man
A Quiet Man
And he wanted, nay desired,
To Make. Life. Better.
And they bought it.

And then he got office
And like Autumn leaves
The mask slid off
And we saw his true self
An Angry Man
A Violent Man
A Brutish Man
A Selfish Man

And then we heard his words
His brute words
His angry words

The words that said
"You do not deserve life."
"You are lazy and worthless."
"You will work for us."
"We will send you
To our rich friends."
"We have decreed you to be
A new slave workforce
To serve our rich masters
And save them money."

"We will call
The disabled
We will send the disabled
In their wheelchairs
Rip them off their dialysis machines
Haul them from their beds
Force them to work
Or die
Because it amuses me
To see you suffer."

"I shall hire firms -
They shall carry out
My eugenic policies
My nazi policies

"Because I want to build
A new master race
Of men like me
Brute men
Churlish men
Angry men
Slovenly men
Who think losing your temper
Is more effective than thinking
Who think swinging your fists
Is a better strategy
Than feeling
Who believe violence
Solves more problems
Than peace."

When that face
That brute face
That thug face
Smiled on the cover
Of that magazine
Time Man Of The Year 1936
Adolf Hitler
I swore I'd never buy
A Big Issue

Because that churlish
Stink of a
Man has turned
A million people
Into Big Issue sellers
And sent
Ten thousand people
To their graves.

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"And if we have unearned luck, now to scape the serpent's tongue, we will make amends ere long. Else the Puck a liar call ..."

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