Klingon Language And Star Trek Into Darkness

leng Hov is the Klingon for Star Trek. That much is already established in Klingon language canon.

What does make wonder, however, is the Klingon translation for the forthcoming movie Star Trek Into Darkness.

The word for dark, be dark in Klingon is Hurgh - and, while translating the verb Hurgh as a noun, Hurgh darkness, is not canon - leng Hov Hurgh would seem like a good translation for Star Trek Into Darkness - "Dark Star Trek." Perhaps HurghchoH leng Hov even - Star Trek Darkens / Star Trek Becomes Dark.

One small problem with leng Hov Hurgh ... Hurgh, as a noun, is the Klingon for pickle. Star Trek Pickle just doesn't cut it.

My only thought is that, as the movie is about the Federation entering a time of evil and darkness, Star Trek Enters An Evil Time - poH mIgh 'el leng Hov - might be the best Klingon translation for the title.

Unless the show is about the characters of the USS Enterprise getting into a pickle ...

In any case, I have an interview about this forthcoming movie set for tomorrow evening, around 18:00, and I will probably consider using these terms during that interview. Which should be fun.

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