Bricks And Mortar FLGS

There used to be a store in town next to the bus station which sold cheap, handy items one would need in a hurry - cook's matches, small pocket umbrellas, soap, washing soda, shampoo, whatever you need. It folded last year, which was a shame - it sold the bext shampoo anywhere. Dirt cheap, but miles better on my hair than anything top brand.

So this store was sitting there, hollow and empty, for a good few months begging for some business to come and fill it.

And now somebody has. An old fashioned bricks and mortar Friendly Local Game Store (FLGS).

At the moment, they're selling a bunch of miniatures stock for Warhammer and the like: but I saw shelves on the walls ready to accept games, miniatures kits and so on. They have a modest-sized gaming room for tabletop roleplaying and wargaming, and it's all looking good.

So I'm just doing my social networking bit, putting the word out that this business, 4th Planet Games, is up and running and looking for business.

Here's their Facebook URL:-


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