Mission Accomplished

So, this week, I encountered some difficulties. Nothing insurmountable, but the solution to overcoming those difficulties basically resulted in everything I did just this Friday gone. Allow me to explain.

My folks began the week with a phone call from a friend of theirs. He wanted copies of the sheet music for the songs they sing (yes, my parents sing) at the Catholics'. However, those songsheets are very rare, impossible for the folks to find again ... and very fragile. They are, after all, at least forty years old, some of them.

Add to that the unexpected problem, for me, of my copy of 2000 AD not appearing in any stores in town at all; a most depressing state, when even W H Smith didn't have any in stock. I suspect they had a newbie in the distributors. Newbies always cock up orders.

So, Thursday night I began to sort out both their problems and mine. And it required that I spend Friday going off On A Mission.

I did say that there were no copies of 2000 AD in town. There was, however, a surplus of them in Chester. So I resolved to get a copy from Chester on Friday, so that I could indulge in my regular weekly vice of reading 2000 AD in a cafe in town.

I also spent Thursday night setting up and using the folks' computer, attaching a scanner to the device and setting it up to record all the song sheets they wanted to copy. They don't have ink for the printer, so the best I could do was to scan the pics onto a flash drive and bring it with me to the library in town yesterday.

The plan was simple. First, I go to town as early as possible, and head for the library, print out the sheets twice: once for their uses, so they can retire the originals into some folder, the other to give to their friend.

Once that was done, I caught the Chester bus, made my way there and bought a copy of 2000 AD from a store I'd found there which had a surplus of them.

After a short stay in Chester to enjoy some food, and to read my prized copy of 2000 AD and a cup of coffee, I hopped back onto the bus and made my way back.

But I wasn't done yet. I still had time to head on up to see the folks and hand them the printouts, thus making their day; then, after a quick detour to buy Duracell batteries for my recording device and microphone, finally I made my way home, to collapse in a heap on the sofa, having completed all my missions for this week.

As I said ... mission accomplished.

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