Too Hot To Blog!

As always, when the temperatures rise above a certain comfort level, my creativity takes a great big nosedive.

Dreams, writing, poetry - out the window.

About the only thing I'm really good at is hypnosis, it would seem, judging by the clients who seem to be piling up on me.

Oh, and I haven't suddenly stopped posting those XKCD pics. I just haven't had the chance to catch up with the site at all this last week just gone. Too busy of a morning to play catchup. Besides, I don't want to start posting nothing but consecutive XKCD posts one after the other. So expect a new post shortly, but not too shortly.

What else, now? Erm, editing of The Silver Touch is ongoing. I've got an idea for the revision of The Blood Path, also ongoing. I've had an idea for a book listing different spirit types for Legend, and I want to generate a Psion hunter career character document for the Traveller roleplaying game.

And that is on top of my current, ongoing projects.

So, despite the heat, I am busy. Apologies for any worries my absence may have caused you. Expect the blogging to resume shortly.

As soon as I can acclimatise to this damned heat.

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