Foretastes Of Forthcoming Posts

I've discovered the delights of scheduling.

I can schedule posts that I write, not to publish them immediately but to release them at a specific time. In the case of my Klingon briefings, that would be 21:00 British Summer Time. It's the same deal on tumblr, where The Daily Klingon will now be posting repeats of my blog posts once daily, at the exact same time.

For my blogs, 21:00 every night is the Klingon hour.

I'm now going to schedule releasing blog posts on the hour, even if I want to publish them immediately; if I'm writing a blog at 09:32 for immediate release, I'll schedule it for publication at 10:00. This gives me extra time to edit, or to change my mind, before it goes up.

The first of these posts, next to this one, is a lunchtime dream post from Perchance To Dream, scheduled for 12:00 this afternoon. There will be others, including - of course - posts from this blog.

I have plenty of things to talk about - notes on my stories; a forthcoming excerpt from my first Paleborn story, "Inheritance," to whet the appetite and to set up the second, "Island of Stars" and my novels, and my hopes for them.

So keep your eyes peeled for my continued posts, especially on the hour. That's when everything happens with my blogs from now on.

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