Mongoose Legend - The Weekend Challenge

Tonight, I've written 2600 words on an article that is entirely speculative, and which - if I'm lucky - could end up as part of a free core rulebook article for the Legend - Fantasy Roleplaying Game roleplaying game published by Mongoose Publishing. And if I'm not lucky, and it gets rejected, ah well. Never mind.

The story is that, on the Legend forum, the Big Cheese of Mongoose noticed this fan article, Spells of Legend, compiled by one of the regulars - which lists a whole lot of Common Magic spells, Sorcery spells and Divine Magic spells for the roleplaying game. He then offered this challenge last week: if we can somehow double what we've all contributed already, he will reformat the whole article and turn it into an official canon book, available through their site or maybe DriveThruRPG for free.

I've already contributed loads of sample spells to this book, such as Catfall; more recent efforts submitted include improvements to their Phantom (Sense) and Fly spells, and a few new ones such as the Common Magic Master of Masks spell and a Sorcery spell called Phase.

And right now, I'm writing up a section on enchanted items, called Wondrous Enchantments. I'm about a third of the way through this already - I've started with all the one-off consumable enchantments, from potions to pyro powders. Part 2 focuses on the more powerful lasting enchantments, and part 3 will be a list of items - costs to make, how long to make, what they weigh, what their powers are and so on.

I have to risk getting this big piece written up and submitted, even if it isn't Mongoose's thing - as far as I'm concerned, the only way to guarantee that the thing I'm writing never makes it to publication at all is if it never gets written.

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