Leadership, Rank, Orders And All That

So, to let you know, I am volunteering in the YMCA Shop in town. Have been, for more than a month now. I'm working the stockroom, gently clearing out the rubbish, sorting out places for the bric-a-brac, videos, books, vinyls, pictures and the like.

Some days, I have other volunteers - and they assist me. It sounds weird, but I have a tiny measure of responsibility over something, and authorisation to delegate tasks to others.

And today, something hilarious happened.

At about 10:30, everybody takes a bit of a tea break. Not long, usually - fifteen minutes. So about that time, after at least a good hour's struggling with some heavy boxes laden with tat, the lads found themselves looking at me for further orders. Having checked my mobile phone, I realised it was 10:30.

So I looked at them.

"It's ten thirty," I said. Crisp, clear, calm. "Tea break. Fifteen minutes. Dismissed.'

Without a word, the lads turned and filed out the door, single file.

Once they were out of earshot, I looked at the only other witness in the room - a colleague who was sifting through vinyl records, taking out the widows and orphans, and those records which were unplayable. We looked at one another. He had this "I don't believe you did that" look on his face.

Two seconds later, I was cracking up.

Just goes to show - Rank Hath Its Privileges.

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