Leadership, Rank, Orders And All That - Part 2: The Bollocking

I mentioned, in the first part, how I have landed a volunteer job in the stockroom of my local YMCA Shop.

Well, today I had to deliver a supervisory bollocking. Here's a transcript of a convo I just had today with X (name withheld).

I gave someone a direct order today. And a bit of a bollocking.

They lit up a cigarette in the stockroom. I ordered them to leave the premises to go and smoke it outside in the yard. Actually ordered.

X: nice.

There was a volunteer from the shop floor dropping by the stockroom to pick up something - I never found out what, because the crisis was upon us and I had to act immediately. I later found that he looked at me as I was practically chasing the yob out of the building and fistaired and yelled "YES!"

X: Heheh

It was 14:00 anyway, and the volunteers were allowed to leave to go to college, so I chased all the volunteers out. Bloody useless, the lot of them. *sigh* So I went back to the stockroom, secured the place, and went in to get a cuppa. And the General Manager came up and asked me if I was okay.

I was. But I nursed that cuppa with both hands as if I was shaken to the core. White knuckles and all.

So, today I had to deliver a bollocking. Good reason, too: that stockroom is one big fuel dump. Plastics, wood, paper, fabrics. There is a big reason why Britain has a smoking ban, you know.

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